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Neat Meat!

Have you heard of Neat Meat?! It’s one of the newer vegan meat alternatives on the market & it’s a great choice for people who like to steer clear of the overly processed alternatives. They recently sent me samples to try & I’m glad they did! While I try to keep my diet centered on whole foods, I admittedly do enjoy these treats every once in a while & I definitely don’t feel bad about it!




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10 Ways to Go Green Right Now!

10 Ways to Go Green Right Now!

Happy Earth Day! What a wonderful occasion to make a fresh determination to help save the planet! A lot of times, people think of going green as simply recycling, or something on a larger scale that we have no control over (i.e. oil drilling.) But world peace, which includes a happy planet that will actually last long enough to SEE world peace, starts with us, right now. Every single one of us…

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Interview with Mark Devries, the Director of Speciesism!

Interview with Mark Devries, the Director of Speciesism!

Speciesism: The Movieis a brand new, eye-opening documentary on animal rights. If you haven’t seen it yet, the interesting thing about this film is that not only did the Director, Mark Devries, set out to explore the inequality between humans & nonhuman animals, but really he wanted to see if the movement of animal rights was even necessary. Like many people, he felt that in the end, he would…

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Blankets for Shelters Drive

Blankets for Shelters Drive

About a week ago we held our 2nd annual peta2 Blankets For Shelters drive at work. The event was so much fun & just a beautiful gathering of compassionate people wanting to make a difference in an animal’s life. Have I mentioned how much I love my job?!

photo 1 (1)

So many people came to donate blankets, toys, companion animal accessories, etc. We also had a crafts table to make catnip toys & greeting cards…

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Green Peas Casual Food- Culver City, CA

Green Peas Casual Food- Culver City, CA

My friendly recently introduced me to Green Peas, a casual restaurant in Culver City that pretty much has a vegan option for EVERYTHING & all of their desserts are vegan too!

When it comes to food, I like it to be wholesome but I’m also a classic, home-cookin’ comfort food kind of girl. Therefore this place is perfect & may very well be my new favorite place to grab a bite! Their goal is to make…

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The BEST Dairy-free Yogurt. Ever.

The BEST Dairy-free Yogurt. Ever.

Hey everyone! Ditching dairy has never been a big issue for me but as nasty as it always made me feel, I seriously LOVED the taste of organic dairy yogurt. Vegan yogurts have never really tasted bad to me per say, I haven’t tried them all but the ones I did try were passable, but nothing that got me excited. However recently I’ve been noticing WholeSoyyogurt all over social media & decided to…

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Have Yourself A Vegan Easter!

Have Yourself A Vegan Easter!

Hey everyone! It’s almost that time of the year again, Easter time! Now to be completely honest, I’ve never actually celebrated Easter in my life. BUT we recently had an EggNots party at work & these things are so freakin’ badass that I just had to mention them in a blog!

photo (18)

EggNots look JUST like real chicken eggs, seriously though- it’s cray. They really, REALLY look just like real eggs, same…

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5 Tips for the Socially Unacceptable Vegan

5 Tips for the Socially Unacceptable Vegan

Hey everyone! Happy first week of spring… Kinda, the first day of spring was Friday which technically makes it apart of last week but whatever, hope it’s been delightful for you.

Anyways let’s get straight to this week’s topic, and just a fair warning: this will be a bit of an uncensored-rant article if you will. So one of the most common questions I get as a veggie is how do I follow this…

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Do Gender Stereotypes Effect Our Emotional Health?

Do Gender Stereotypes Effect Our Emotional Health?

Happy Thursday everyone! Last summer when I blogged about Eco-Friendly PeriodsI received many requests to do more articles relating to Feminism. While this subject is important to me, I try to keep each post relevant to the overall content of this website. However lately, I’ve been thinking about the topic of gender stereotypes, how they may or may not effect our characteristics as individuals…

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What I Eat In A DayHappy Monday everyone! The most common question I get EVER is “What do you eat?” And I’m sure…View Post

What I Eat In A Day

Happy Monday everyone! The most common question I get EVER is “What do you eat?” And I’m sure…

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